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Trevin Newton
Steven Foster
Teriq Newton


Jim Morrison, Pete Doherty, Kurt Cobain: the guys from Scruffy & The Janitors found their
sonic roots in the shadows of these fallen icons as they glossed their garage rock grandstand
with shades of grunge, blues, psychedelia and post-punk.

Perhaps that’s why the band’s hardest, darkest rockers dive toward burnouts and breakdowns. But Scruffy only dabbles in doom and gloom. More often, the trio prefers to sculpt fierce earworms that riff on wicked women, stupid dudes and everyday ills.

Hailing from the hard-scrabble city of St. Joseph, Missouri, the aural attack of Scruffy & The Janitors fittingly lines up between the crosshairs of working-class punk and catchy alt-rock.

Their music tangles aggressive tempos and angsty howls with stellar harmonies and classic pop hooks. The band’s coarse but curious crowd-pleasers almost always strike a chord with fans of indie rock icons like The Strokes, Pixies, Nirvana, Arctic Monkeys and The Replacements, as well as modern garage kings like The Orwells, King Tuff, Wavves, Ty Segall and Bass Drum of Death.

There’s no guy named “Scruffy” in the band, so don’t ask them about it.

Bassist Steven Foster lends the trio its voice — from the candid choruses to the
well-placed wails.

Blonde guitarist Teriq Newton provides the antithesis to Steven’s blunt vocals as he wildly thrashes about the stage dishing out tasty licks and daring solos.

Drummer Trevin Newton rounds out the trio, giving Scruffy its crisp, punchy rhythms.


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